Training Staff

James Butz
Infantry-Scout Platoon
Special Reconnaissance Operations
Firearms Instructor
SRT Sub-Machine Gun
FBI Law Enforcement Sharpshooter
Tactical Scout Swimmer
Land Navigation Instructor
High Risk Entry Instructor
Nitrox Certification


Michael Chapin
President & CEO
Black Duck Corporation
FBI NA 168th
Former Chief of Police
Firearms Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
OC Pepper Spray Instructor
ALE Training Coordinator
ALE Supervisor
Former BLET School Director
AIC Training Academy
Covert School NCJA
OSDT Instructor
Interviews and Interrogations
Surveillance Specialist


Ward Callen 
Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance
Firearms Instructor
SRT Sub-Machine Gun
Tactical Diver
Special Operations Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Tactical Scout Swimmers
Nitrox Certification
SFC Callen was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions while serving combat missions in Iraq.


Jimmie Marcos
Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance
Special Operations Counter Drug
Scout Tactics Instructor
Basic Armorer
Urban / Rural / Physical Surveillance
N.C. Division of Prisons PERT
Convoy Operations
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism Expedition Medal ( Iraq )



Tom Krause
O.C. Pepper Spray Instructor
Tactical Handcuffing Instructor
PR-24, Control Device Instructor
Department of Homeland Security, Emergency Response To Domestic Biological Incidents
Level II Antiterrorism Officer
Defense Security Service Academy, Department of Defense Operations Security Officer
Security Chief USMC
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Counter Insurgency Operations
Senior Tactical Advisor
Operation & Training Chief
Nuclear Biochemical Defense Officer
Liaison Federal, Royal Canadian Army, Antiterrorism
Terrorism Research Center, Mirror Image, Training to Combat Terrorism
Naval Facilities Engineering Security Service Center
Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Vulnerability assessment course
National Terrorism Preparedness
Incident Command System for Law Enforcement
Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies
U.S Naval Criminal Investigation Service, Physical Security Manager Course
US Army Military Police School , Anti-Terrorism Officer Basic & Advanced Courses
USMC, Small Unit Leaders Advanced Marksmanship Course
U.S. Army Airborne Course
U.S. Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Instructor Course
U.S. Marine Combat Instructor Course
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare School


Todd Krieger
Graduated University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
USMC  Communications Electronics School
USMC Water Survival
USMC Expert  Marksman
Firearms Instructor
Practical Combative and Defensive Tactics  Instructor
Land Navigation Instructor
US Army Military Police  School
Convoy / Motorcade Operations
Protective Services Detail
BA in  Peace, War, and Defense
Counterinsurgency Studies
Terrorism  Studies
Intelligence Studies
Warriorship Studies
Noncombatant  Evacuation
2X Iraqi Freedom Veteran