How to Host a Training Seminar

Black Duck Corporation recognizes many Agencies are foregoing their training needsdue to budgetary constraints. As an alternative to the high cost of training, Black Duck Corporation offers Agencies the opportunity  to host training seminars in their area, tuition free, in exchange for certain logistical support. This saves Agencies the cost of tuition, travel, food and lodging.

Host Agencies will assist in:

  • Teletype or DCI messages promoting the training
  • Telephone calls to constituent agencies promoting the training
  • Assist in disseminating printed material provided by Black Duck Corporation
  • Locating a training site in the Host Area
  • Provide ground transportation for instructors in the Host Area
  • Any other logistical support agreed upon by Black Duck Corporation and Host

If you would like Black Duck Corporation to bring the training to you as a tuition fee Host, contact us and request an AGREEMENT TO HOST TRAINING FORM

You may also request a training application/course application by contacting our office. TRAINING APPLICATION/ COURSE REGISTRATION FORM

To request forms and/or applications you may contact our home office by:


  • Call: 252-514-2300